You might have seen social media platforms or digital marketers using short URLs like Whatever URL you paste in Twitter, it will get shirked to a tiny URL. In some cases, you might have even seen branded custom URLs like ours

This tiny URL has a considerable advantage in reducing the content size and much more.

In this article, we will discuss the URL shortening service, its uses types, and an LTD. Be smart and improve your business.
Using SMS or Twitter as a marketing medium for your business, you will have a limitation on the number of characters (160 char). That’s where you can find the application of URL shorteners.

You might be sending any links in SMS, which will be beyond 160 characters, and this will end up spending more on SMS costs. You might have even known about the popular url shorteners like,,,,,, and more. But those are not yours. You won’t control your data, so we recommend using your own URL Shortner like or, which we use as our URL shortening domain.

Other significant advantages of the URL Shorteners are

  1. Retargeting option, you can add retargeting pixels to your link to track and retarget your user many times at any time.
  2. GeoTargeting, you can redirect the user to a new page based on their location, for example, redirecting a german user to german language pages.
  3. Device Targeting, you can redirect the users to a new window based on the devices they use.
    You can use any of the three below options for creating your URL shortener.

Different ways of building creating a custom URL shortener

There are three different way to create your custom shortened URL’s. We will see all the three below.

Using a third-party service for URL shortening

You can use some third-party providers like,, Poplink, Pixelme, Ushort, and more.
But Usually, the URL shorteners will cost you around 10-30 USD per month, depending upon your usage. But we have a special deal that will give you lifetime access, pay one time for lifetime Sounds cool, right? Check the lifetime offer on Ushort now.

Hosting your URL shortener

To host your URL shortener, you need a domain, hosting, and the source codes. You can get the source code for the service from a trusted vendor like code canyon. We recommend the best of its service.

Hosting your URL shortener and selling it as a service

This one is similar to the above one. But with the extended license, you can provide the URL shortening service to others, and you charge them a buck for it.

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