Found in Translation

A complete video translation and dubbing tool that makes real-time collaboration easy

alugha gives you the tools to be multilingual with just one adaptive video streamed into your viewers language.


The dubbr is providing a consistent workspace with all the tools to keep transcribing, translating and dubbing as simple as possible. Everything in one single tool, based in the cloud, available world-wide. And the best thing: The dubbr is accesable through all alugha-accounts.



Let your video take over the world by using alugha as your full blown video hoster. Enrich your already hosted videos with additional audio tracks. Go global with resource friendly green hosting made in Germany.


Use the alugha toolkit to create and manage your multilingual video inventory on your own. Or take advantage of our collaboarion features to realize projects with a team. Try the alugha dubbr – our online tool to translate, dub and subtitle your video.


  • Produce video transcripts, translations, and voice-overs in a unified workspace and collaborate in real-time on live projects
  • Alternative to: Vimeo and Wistia
  • Publish your video on a multilingual video platforms or embed it on your own website with a brandable player
  • Best for: Video agencies, videographers, and producers with international ambitions looking to create videos for all audiences
  • Hosting on alugha
  • Migrating YouTube videos to alugha
  • HLS/MPEG-DASH support
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Publish single audio-video
  • Unlimited public watchlists
  • Unlimited videos per watchlist
  • Extended SEO functions (blogs)
  • Merge your YouTube videos into one alugha account
  • Convert YouTube video into an alugha video
  • And many more.

Hightime Deal does not own the copyright of the images. All copyright of images belongs to Alugha

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