Receive calls from anyone, anywhere, and at any time with one click


Instantly Install Anywhere Routing Calls To Individual Team Members Or Groups

Audio & Video Calls With Screenshare

eceive one-click voice and video calls from a button or link embedded in websites, emails, texts, social posts or marketing campaigns.

Call & Video Recordings

Full call and video recordings are available right within the dashboard for you to access.Its great for recording meetings, reviewing lead calls and recording training videos.

 Team Members & Groups

Add team members that can be invited by email instantly. Create call group links and buttons to route calls to multiple people so you never miss out out on a lead

Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

The tool generates a unique link for all your voice or video calls. Just set up an account, share your link, and you’re good to go.

Clickacall works with any browser, any device, and any location, so you’re sure to be connected as long as you’ve got internet access.


Call tracking gives you real-time call data, plus lets you use as many tags and notes as you want (people with paper schedulers, this one’s for you).

You’ll also be able to capture missed call data, as well as record video conversations to help with training or review customer information.

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