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Boost page speeds and SEO rankings with effortless image resizing, optimization, and CDN delivery

Image Speed = Revenue


Generate thumbnails, cropped and framed images, watermarks and much more on-the-fly. No more time wasted on preparing images for your web and and mobile app.


No need to struggle with scaling your infrastructure to transform millions of images. We learnt how to design scalable services at VMware, Apple & Google.

Responsive images

Deliver the most optimized image size based on your visitor’s screen size. Responsive images are required for better user experience and more conversion.

Image Optimization

The Cloudimage WordPress plugin offers two different options for optimizing images.

If your theme supports standard HTML5 tags, all the images in your WordPress media gallery will be sent to Cloudimage and resized by prefixing the images on the backend.

Use the plugin to enable progressive loading and have your images only appear when visitors scroll, boosting page speed and improving customer experience and SEO.

Cloudimage delivers fully responsive images based on the visitor’s screen size, so it doesn’t matter what device or browser your visitors are using.

With multiple domains allowed on one account, your options are nearly limitless.

Plus, open source plugins expand your image optimization power even further, with 360 image views, responsive images, image editor, and image uploader.

Hightime Deal does not own the copyright of the images. All copyright of images belongs to Cloud Image

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