ContactInBio-Lifetime Deal

Turn your Instagram bio into a micro-landing page that drives traffic


ContactInBio helps you get the most out of your Instagram bio link with a content-rich micro landing page that shows off everything you’re doing and selling.

In-depth analytics of clicks and visitors

We track each visitors demographics and show you number of visitors per day in a simple to use dashboard.

Social Networks

Link your other social media accounts, music services links or payment links

Micro-landing page

Create a micro-landing page that will convert your followers into customers

Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

  • That’s right, ContactInBio gives you in-depth analytics and demographics — like country, date, and language — for each site visitor.
  • You can even integrate your landing pages with Google Analytics to collect visitor data and Facebook Pixel for retargeting.
  • Of course, you can also add contact and subscribe forms to gather even more information from each visitor. (“Subscribe to my newsletter—all my mom’s friends love it.”)
  • Select from premium themes or create your own design by uploading an image, adding a video background from Pexel’s integrated library, and creating a color gradient.
  • Customize the size, type, text color, background color, font size, and more to make it pop.

Hightime Deal does not own the copyright of the images. All copyright of images belongs to Contactinbio

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