Figpii Lifetime Deal

The only tool you need for Conversion Rate Optimization


Unlimited heatmaps, recordings, A/B tests & polls to collect user feedback

Unlimited users to bring your whole team together

Best suited for Web Designers, Developers, Website Owners, Marketers & Digital Agencies

Work with the Data

  • Once you’ve added & verified your website, you will be seeing a list of tools to get started with
  • You could create a heatmap (or) watch a recording (or) run a new A/B experiment (or) start a poll to collect user feedback
  • You can also define the pages & devices to be included & excluded for each of your split testing experiment
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • Unlimited Polls
  • Unlimited Heatmaps
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • Unlimited Users
  • No branding
  • 2 months of data history
  • And many more..

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