What’s the Big Idea(note)

Collect, develop, and prioritize the right ideas with the right people in one platform

Simply efficient innovation.

Save Time

Ideanote is the best platform to capture, develop and prioritize ideas. We help forward thinking businesses around the world make more of the right ideas matter, every day

One central hub for ideas

Capture and manage ideas across marketing, sales, engineering and even customers – without the chaos. It’s like having an innovation lab in an app

Let your innovation shine

Give your innovation a place to grow, blossom and turn into value so you can build the future with a company-wide culture of collaboration

Ideas that matter

  • Launch powerful idea collections and collaborate with your team, customers, partners, or guests
  • Alternative to: Brightidea and Crowdicity
  • Develop, manage, and track ideas in a fully customizable and intuitive workflow
  • Best for: Small marketing agencies, product teams and sales departments looking for a central hub to innovate together
  • Your own workspace for innovation
  • Capture, develop, prioritize and assign ideas
  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • Idea management mode for a visual overview
  • Custom evaluation to prioritize ideas your way
  • Custom impact tracking to measure your success
  • Performance analytics on innovation and people
  • White-label branding with custom fonts and colors
  • Custom idea fields and mission templates

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