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A better way to run your business. Transform your email into a powerful collaboration hub.

Your business at your fingertips

Organize work effectively

Setup a Shared Inbox for public accounts (info@, office@, support@…) to organize work. See who is responsible for each incoming email and reply with canned responses.

Get your teams talking

Working together brings a lot of unnecessary emails. Use built-in chat to get help from co-workers in real-time. Its efficient, fast and super fun.

Make email fun again

All work and no play? Not in Loop Email. Communicate using GIFs, emojis or just informail chat – right from your inbox.

Works with your existing setup

  • Unlimited Shared Inboxes
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Team Edition Features
  • Canned Responses
  • Side Chat on Emails
  • Individual & Team Chats
  • Assign & Resolve emails
  • Automated Rules
  • Collaborate on emails, organize your work, and respond to clients faster

  • Loop in team members using @mentions, or create team channels to discuss emails and send files

  • Manage shared inboxes and assign incoming emails and tasks

  • A well-oiled machine is the sum of its parts. And Loop Email makes sure that all parts work together efficiently and transparently, in a single platform.
  • As a collaboration hub, Loop Email connects your team so you can chat, exchange files, and manage shared inboxes easily.
  • Start team conversations or side-chat discussions with teammates and eliminate email clutter, without having to switch between your email and half dozen collaboration tools.
  • Loop Email’s app is desktop and mobile friendly and works with Gmail, Outlook, Office365 and IMAP accounts.

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