Notetracks-Lifetime Deal

Create exceptional audio, together.

Be the best audio creator you can be with Notetracks Pro.

Take Notes directly on your Tracks

Still referencing time in a notepad with an audio player? (ex. more bass at 0:32) Pin-point your notes, comments and conversations on the track itself.

Share your tracks and get feedback, easily.

Getting everyone in the same room can be difficult. Invite collaborators from anywhere in the world to chime-in at any time.

Work with Audio and Video

Dreaming of syncing up your track with video without lengthy exports?
Drop a video into the project and watch it in action.

Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

  • Creating exceptional audio as a team shouldn’t involve complicated email chains, missing file attachments, and cryptic out-of-sync messages.
  • Reduce the noise from your audio projects.
  • Notetracks Pro helps audio creators, producers, and collaborators communicate clearly and work with precision

Features Included in All Plans

Unlimited collaborators

Take notes directly on your tracks

    • Share your tracks and get feedback
    • One platform to view notes, conversations, and files
    • Unlimited tracks/files per project
    • Work with audio and video

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