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A comprehensive tool to track SaaS trials and drive conversions


OnboardFlow extensively monitors SaaS trials and lets you send targeted emails to increase conversions.

Trial Activity

Before you and your team can dig into the details, it’s important to make sure that the basics are covered.

Product Adoption

Monitoring and interpreting product adoption behaviour is key if you’re going to truly understand what your trial users need to do in order to see the maximum value during their trial.

Trial Attribution

So here’s the thing – you might have a gazillion visitors landing on your site every month, but out of those only a handful will sign up for a trial.

Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

  • OnboardFlow also has a built-in emailing function that allows you to transform all of this information and insight data into hyper-targeted messaging to help you engage with your trials when it matters the most.
  • You can easily create triggers for segmented, automated emails—so that you can do things like notify users when they’ve created a certain number of tasks, or send reminders to users who haven’t yet completed setup.

The Trials CRM is where you’ll find specific metrics for what individual trial users are doing.

Like your options at Chipotle, metrics are totally customizable based on your product.

Find out if customers have added a credit card, created tasks, been active recently, and other metrics you’ve previously defined.

It’s all separated into three columns: Onboarding, Expired, and Converted. That way, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view on where your trials are in the conversion process.

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