Pinstriped Meeting Tool Premium Plan: Lifetime

Keep Your Meetings Easily Organized All in One Place with This Online Productivity Tool


Make your meetings count.
Notes. Actions. Easy. Prepare. Share.
Whether you’re an attendee or the one calling the meeting.
Pinstriped makes sharing and following up really easy.

Inspiring templates

Ready to use templates based on interviews with key employees from large tech firms about how they run their meetings.

So easy to share you actually will
One-click emails

Prepare your team before the meeting and follow up with actions and decisions afterwards.

No Login Required

Give Attendees easy access to  notes, action and other content from any browers


  • Keep your meeting on task & moving forward w/ a structured agenda
  • Organize content in talking points, files, links, decisions, & action items
  • Add actions & decisions as they arise during the meeting
  • Prepare your team before the meeting & follow up w/ actions and decisions afterward with just a click
    • Length of access: lifetime
    • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
    • Access options: desktop & mobile
    • Web app
    • Run unlimited meetings
    • Unlimited saved meetings
    • Free for participants
    • Updates included

And many more.

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