Relaythat-Lifetime Deals

The design automation app that everyone’s switching to.


On-brand design automated on every channel

Brand Management

Manage and switch between multiple workspaces and campaigns in a single click.

Headline Generator

Karate chop writer’s block in no time with wildcard keywords that automatically generate the perfect copy!

Defeat “Creative Block”

Access curated libraries of the top performing color and font combinations that professional marketers use

Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

Promoting a brand without design skills can be like playing Minesweeper as a kid (really, did anyone know what they were doing?).

Even if you’ve got an eye for design, what you don’t got is time to waste adjusting images to fit every banner, ad, or social media post.

The solution isn’t lower quality visuals for your brand.


With just a few basic ingredients (logo, text, image, and your brand’s HEX code colors), RelayThat conjures up thousands of beautiful designs in every format and size you could want.

You’ll be able to drag-and-drop your branded content to your heart’s content and publish stunning designs in seconds.

Hightime Deal does not own the copyright of the images. All copyright of images belongs to Relaythat

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