Remote Team-Lifetime is the Remote OS that makes operating your remote team seamless


International teams will be delighted to find that this tool offers several payment provider options covering over 200 international regions—all with industry-leading rates—so location isn’t a problem.

Easily manage time-off

Seamlessly synced with payrolls. Also supports local holidays, one-click approvals, quick balances and customized / prepackaged policies.


Remote Team tax compliance platform streamlines the entire W-8BEN process with digital tax form collection, validation, and payouts.

Automated Payroll

Paying your remote team can be very complex and time-consuming. We partnered with TransferWise and a few others to make payrolls more seamless. Also,  goodbye to manual bank transfers with expensive fees. 


  • Remote Team’s document management is top-notch, too.

    You’ll be able to create, upload, and sign any documents that your company requires. Plus, invoices are automatically created for every payment processed.

    That means every document from on boarding to termination is easily accessible with a few clicks.

    No more hunting through different tools. Remote Team keeps everything under one roof.


Reimbursement is also a breeze with Remote Team.

Employees can file for their expenses right within the platform, with reimbursements automatically added to the next payroll for super simple upkeep.

There’s also inventory management to save you from constantly referencing confusing email chains before having to switch tools.

Remote Team’s powerful bookkeeping features alone make this tool well worth it!

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