Streamlining Teamwork
Streamlining Communication!

Ringblaze is a revolutionary phone system that optimizes your success when it comes to Sales and Support collaboration. Manage call activities, add notes, assign calls to the right team and supercharge your tasks.

Ringblaze is an optimized phone system that supports effective sales and customer support collaboration.

Create Phone Number

Take it to the next level and look professional with your new business number! You can choose Toll free, US & Canada Local phone number or Vanity. Getting your business phone number is never easier.

Share Callbox with Team

Assign calls to team members on the go so that everyone knows their responsibilities immediately. No more missed and unresolved calls! Check callboxes for what needs to be done, or what has been done.

Embed Call Widget on your Website

Your website visitors will be able to call you for free without leaving your page or using their phone. You missed their call? No problem, Ringblaze got the call details for you to follow up.

  • Create Phone Numbers
  • Call and Take Calls
  • Forward Calls
  • Team Collaboration
  • Call Widget
  • Import Customer List
  • Gain data for Customer Relationship Analysis
  • Gain data to help you design Effective Customer Support and Employee Service
  • Evaluate Team Productivity
  • Talk to potential customers as they browse your site, helping you convert casual viewers into qualified leads
  • Manage a shared inbox for company calls where users can add notes, assign calls, and handle customer issues
  • Adjust settings easily by adding or removing phone numbers and employees in just a few clicks
  • Getting started with Ringblaze is so simple and fast that you can set up your widget in 15 minutes—no additional mobile or desktop apps required

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