WidgetKit-Lifetime Deal

Unleash your pages’ potential with all-in-one addons for Elementor


WidgetKit for Elementor is a library of niche-specific elements that help boost your website and your business.

Premade Layouts

Save time, complete development instantly with premade layouts. Watch, choose and then with just a single click, import any layout.

Professional Site in Minutes

Widgetkit boosts the power of elementor and lets you develop more creatively which would be impossible with only elementor.

Make Awesome Designs

Not stay limited in boundaries, mix your imagination in your website with help of Widgetkit. Create unlimited designs by yourself.

Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

  • Elementor is great, but sometimes your site just needs a little bit more…
  • As in a collection of 30+ widgets, extensions, pre-made templates and sections with premium designs and endless ways to customize.
  • WidgetKit’s stunning and ready-to-use addons are everything you need to bring your vision to life—from dream to design. No coding skills needed!
  • Built to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, LearnDash, LearnPress, and SenseiLMS, your website has never looked (or performed) better.
  • Customize and maximize your online store with winning WooCommerce widgets—set the style and layout of your shop, display products carousel style, add an Add to Cart button anywhere on your site and more.
  • Whether you’re teaching people how to start a career in banking or in vlogging, school your students on any topic with the flexibility of premium LMS plugins.

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