WordPress Portal for Business

All-in-1 WordPress Plugin That Allows You to Manage Projects, Assign Tasks, Receive Timesheets, Send Invoices & Get Paid Online

WordPress Portal – Add project management and accounting software to your website

Project Management

Easily manage your projects using WordPress Portal. Give access to your team, assign tasks, open discussions, upload files, and set milestones.

Task Assignment

Assign tasks to a specific team member and set the due date to this task. You can also open discussion for each list of tasks you have.

Team Discussion

Open private or public discussions with your team for each project. Get some privacy with internal discussions that are not visible by your client

Get lifetime access at ₹7,500 ($99)

Original cost -₹15,500

  • Project Management. Give access to your team, assign tasks, open discussions, upload files, & set milestones
  • Task Assignment. Assign tasks to a specific team member & set the due date
  • Team Discussion. Open private or public discussions w/ your team for each project
  • Estimates & Invoice. Create & send estimates for a specific project. Once approved, estimate will be converted to a new invoice
  • Receive Payments. Receive all of your payments in the portal via Stripe & PayPal integration
  • Track Records. Track all of your financial records, projects status & team timesheets from the reporting section
  • Sharing Files. Share project files w/ your team on the go by uploading files in the portal for a specific project
  • 5 User Roles. Grant or revoke user permissions by assigning the right user role form.

Get lifetime access at ₹7,500 ($99)

Original cost -₹15,500


👉 Invite clients and give them access to projects.
👉 Assign tasks to your team and set deadlines.
👉 Add and set project milestones and progress.
👉 Create and share events with your team and clients.
👉 Receive timesheets from your team members.
👉 Realtime notifications.
👉 Email alerts and notifications.
👉 Financial charts and reports.
👉 Create and send estimates to clients.
👉 Generate and send invoices.
👉 Receive payments from clients using CreditCards and PayPal.
👉 135+ Supported currencies.
👉 Track your business expenses and revenue.
👉 Upload and share files on cloud with Google Cloud Storage.
👉 Apply your brand logo, colors and font.

Get lifetime access at ₹7,500 ($99)

Original cost -₹15,500

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