Recordings in Record Time

Collect user-generated video recordings with an award-winning API

Revolutionizing Communication Through Video

Video Recorder

Records + uploads videos from any device/browser. Supports HTML-5 / WebRTC. Mobile-friendly, responsive, and fully customizable.


Video Transcoder

Automatically transcodes to all desired formats. No complicated settings. Highly customizable. Includes video uploader.

Video Player

Plays videos across all devices/browsers. Is responsive, embeddable, and fully customizable. Styleable with themes.

featuring video recording; video playback; transcoding, streaming, and hosting

  • Get a video solution that lets you record, customize, share, host, and track videos to meet your goals
  • Alternative to: Kaltura
  • Integrate with all your favorite solutions to streamline your processes
  • Best for: HR and sales teams seeking an easy way to connect with prospects, deliver training, collect testimonials, and more!
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited applications
  • Video recorder + player
  • HTML5/WebRTC support
  • Video & moderation dashboards
  • iOS + Android SDKs
  • Push to S3, Dropbox, and FTP
  • Secure video access
  • Screen capture
  • High-definition videos (HD)

  • And Many more..

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