It is a great pleasure for me to share a little trick with you. How I earned an extra 10,000 rupees with spending any additional cost.

My Second Startup is a web designing agency, where I have spent a lot of time but the earning was very low. So I have to look into different opportunities to earn more. Then one day I found a little trick, I just applied it on the same day; then I have started to get increasing cash.

We know it’s difficult to earn money, especially with the Indian market.

By the time I was earning an extra income, my competitors were earning the same. How about you? Are you ready to earn more by applying this little trick?

Initially, I began to search for money earning tips. After a few days, I realized that I might be overspending. So I started to look back into my spending history. Voila, I found a trick to not only to save money but also to earn more from the customers.

That was the time where google was mandating SSL for the website (October 2018). And I was using GoDaddy as the hosting service. But GoDaddy charged for SSL and emails. Because of that, I was spending money on purchasing the SSL and email for my clients. I was also unsatisfied with the service from GoDaddy. I decided to save money in purchasing the SSL.

Then one day I found a new hosting service provider who was offering SSL and emails free of cost, even at a better price. I thought that might be spam, so went into a deep analysis to know more about the hosting service provider. But that one seems to be the top in the market.

That day, I decided to switch the hosting provider
“A2 Hosting”

That was an important turning point in my business. They even supported me in migrating the content from GoDaddy to A2 Hosting.

Just consider a case study, that you are having about 30 clients, The best plan for 30+ Websites in GoDaddy is Ultimate Plan, In A2 it is Swift plan 

FeatureGoDaddyA2 Hosting
Initial Cost for three years₹14,385₹12,563
Renewal for three years₹35,964₹25,639
SSL for 30 Websites (First Year)₹1,05,570Free
SSL for 30 websites (From the Second year)₹1,31,970Free
5 Email per domain for 1 year₹5,38,200Free

All the above values are excluding GST and as of 26 Jan 2020.

But you think Godaddy provides better Service. But based on my experience that is a Myth.

I have started collecting money from my clients for SSL and Email. But I haven’t spend a single paise on that. You can collect it from the client as much as you want.

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