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answerly lifetime deal

Answerly Lifetime Deal

A powerful platform that enables users to immediately deliver high quality content for customers and allows you to have fast on-the-spot answers for the customer. A Content Management System helps you create and organize content for the entire site in one place.

Deal Details

Knowledge Base Software with loaded features

An easy-to-install knowledge base that lets you deliver content to your customers in minutes in a very organized way. You can now focus on making the right changes with confidence because Answerly helps you organize, write and deliver answers for your customers.

As part of your knowledge base, the contact page comes with a feature which allows you to quickly and efficiently deal with customer enquiries by allowing them to reach out and send you messages organized in the Dashboard, thus enabling us to not only provide efficient answers to all common questions that people may have about your product/service but also allowing you to solve any new upcoming query.

Answerly knowledgebase

The drag and drop category creator allows you to easily arrange content into various categories. This feature also allows you to create subcategories by simply dragging an existing category downwards that will be organized underneath it in a hierarchical style tree. In addition, users can change the order of answers as well as update multiple questions. Moreover, the answer editor is able to display varying types of text styles and dynamic elements

With the Helpdesk widget, customers are able to search for any solutions to their problems from your knowledge base and allow them to contact you from your website directly. This speeds up the process and provides your clients with plenty of additional options no matter how they choose to contact you. It’s all thanks to the advanced feature set integrated into this incredible help desk widget that makes sure everyone gets the best possible customer service as quickly as possible!

Search is a widget that can be installed anywhere on your website. It allows your customers to search through your knowledge base directly on your site instead of having to leave and go to another page. Whether they are looking for the contact information of one of your representatives or trying to find minutes from an important meeting, Search helps eliminate additional clicks by providing immediate access right inside of the widget.

Notify is a widget installed in an out-of-the-way area of your website that enables you to push short personalized messages to the visitors on your site. Notify is great for cutting those pesky support tickets in half or even into fourths depending on the urgency. The best part about it is that it’s like having a truly intuitive sales assistant.


Alternative for ZenDesk, HelpJuice, HelpCrunch and Document360

About Answerly

Answerly is a company that provides self-service for online businesses. They offer knowledge bases with a content management system, contact forms, widgets and many other features. What started as a simple widget for FAQs back in 2018, it’s now much more – with over 300 features and whole communities of people who depend on its ease of use and innovation to improve their lives. You can read more about them at


$49/Lifetime $69/per month