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Berry Cast Lifetime Deal

Berrycast lifetime Deal

Are you trying to create a video? Do you want to finish the work in a fraction of time like a screenshot? Yes, you read right, this can be done by Berrycast.

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The evolution of digital video education has drastically increased in this pandemic, not only in studies but in all kinds of professions like in the corporate world you gather in a conference hall to have a discussion. But the pandemic has changed the situation and there is no other alternative, we have to adopt it.  “Words define the meaning but a video gives you a complete understanding.” When it comes to creating a video, you need to undergo many steps. In a screencast, you can create a video by illustrating the topic by recording the screen by narrating things, you can make use of the camera or not is up to you. Berrycast gives more impact than other types of video illustrations, it gives a feel like hand-holding you through the video.

Berrycast is simple to use, open the app, start recording your screen with voice over. After finishing the recording, you can generate a link for the video to share.

In general, we communicate through messages, emails, video calls, or phone calls. This is a new version of communications in and after the new normal, illustrating things through video by recording screen.

This is useful for teachers to make understand for students through video. A survey states that the performance of students got better in online learning than the traditional way of teaching. Students are able to recall a certain topic in video format and the magic is, they are able to remember better.

Using this productivity in the software field has increased by communicating through video. For example, to give thoughts about your own ideas through message, the call gets different from illustrating through a screencast video. This saves time for communications and there will be no time for occurring mistakes.

To create tutorials, training videos berry cast is simply super.

For freelancers, creating a recorded presentation for a client has made easy through Berrycast.

In fact, as we all know videos can be watched at your pause time, can be repeated the video for n no of times. This is a far better way for a product demo in a marketing platform.

Berrycast offers three pricing plans. Free, premium & enterprise. The good thing is even with a free plan you get an unlimited video storage limit. You can go through the pricing here

Berry Cast Lifetime Deal


Loom, Screencastify, Vidyard are the main alternative for Berrycast. Berrycast premium price starts at $ 11.99 per month. As per the pricing terms, it says the premium plan has invisible watermark. You can get unlimited recording, unlimited video storage and Password Protection. Apart from these features Loom has drawing tools, call to action, customer branding and engagement insights; Vidyard has replies to your recorded videos; Screencastify has autosave to g drive, submission notification and Google classroom integration. If you are a education institution, Screencastify is best for your needs. 
Berry Cast Lifetime Deal

About Berrycast

Berrycast is located in Canada with a team of 4 members. Its collaborations include Brainstorming, Project Management, Document Management. You can have in-depth knowledge here


Berrycast Lifetime


$59/Lifetime $11.99/Month