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botstar lifetime deal

Botstar Lifetime Deal

Live chat is an essential part of any company’s customer support service. Unfortunately, it’s a huge pain point for many organizations, with some reporting more than 200% open rates on live chat. The cost of these high-touch conversations isn’t trivial either: according to one study, it costs an average of $1.19 per customer interaction. Should you invest the time and money to build your own live chat solution or look into a managed solution? Most startups focus primarily on the latter without considering the impact that their message exchange will have on their bottom line. But even if you stick with a managed chat solution, it still requires significant time and effort to maintain (and update).

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Deal Details

BotStar is a powerful, scalable and flexible live chat solution for your company’s. With BotStar’s live chat, customers will be able to easily interact with you by messaging you through the web interface. Customers can also use mobile devices to send messages.

Botstar helps you automate customer conversations with live chat and chatbots. Built on the world’s leading technology, Botstar is designed to streamline customer support conversations. Whether you have a team of support agents or work alone, Botstar can help you save time and increase customer satisfaction by instantly providing answers to FAQs and requests.

You can have 4 types of chat solution in Botstar; in-content embedment, pop-up, full landing page, or the classic live chat. Botstar offers 170 language support to configure the chat in your local language. Also Botstar offers omnichannel inbox, where you will get all the messages in a single inbox.

In some unavoidable circumstances, you will be needed a live customer agent to support the queries of the customer. In such case, Botstar will connect with the available resource online.

For configuring the chatbot no coding knowledge is required. You can find around 70 plus built in templates. Chose one and configure according to your need.

Botstar also offers technical stuff like API calls, on-the-fly calculations and complex integrations to make your customer experience even better. Zapier and Integromat integrations are available to connect the cloud apps. Google sheet integration is available for syncing live data according to the customer.

Botstar will group the customers according to their interests and provide answers according to the segment of customers. It can collect data, do some stuff like booking an appointment etc., thereby avoiding customer frustrations.

Convert browsers into customers with a smarter, more personalized support experience that makes it easy for customers to get in touch with your business at any time. Grow your business with a simple, intuitive interface that uses AI to provide real-time insights while also incorporating feedback from your customers into future product design and marketing campaigns.

It’s not always about the money. Sometimes, a live chat solution is so much more cost-effective than a managed one. A chatbot can take all of the work out of interacting with customers and can create an effective dialogue between you and your customer. If you’re in need of a live chat service to take care of your customers’ queries, Botstar is the best option for you.


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About Botstar

The idea for BotStar struck us back in 2016 when Lee, the CTO & Co-Founder and Huy Dinh,  CEO & Co-Founder were living in Melbourne, Australia. They felt the need for building an automating pre-ordering workflow via messaging after getting tired of waiting in line to pick up our usual lattes every single day.

One year later, BotStar was born and released to the public. Over the past 3 years, BotStar continues to thrive and evolve as a platform, serving more than 21 thousand users all over the world, from US, North Africa, Europe to Asian countries. With major updates released every month over the past years, BotStar has steadily grown to become the best online chatbot solution.

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Botstar Lifetime


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