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Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Lifetime Deal

Any big event needs a preview before the Big Day. With the digital forum, it has vividly become easier to do that. But with no theme or a generic picture your ‘Coming Soon’ advertisement doesn’t say much. Sit back and relax with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode tool which helps you create an attractive themed poster to let the world know of your event.

Deal Details

Get ready to choose from hundreds of themes to post your event using ‘Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode’. There are several options available for all types of events, be it business, art or musical. This tool comes with a number of elements which you can use on your template and modify according to your need. It allows you to add or remove subscription forms, progress bars, Google Maps, et cetera to make the design original and creative.  You can simply drag and drop your desired theme and elements.

‘Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode’ allows you to,

  • Find millions of pictures you can add to your event
  • Add filters 
  • Create a secret link which redirects to your desired site
  • Control sites and licences remotely
  • Track statistics for all the pages
  • Fully rebrand your plugin

Get a lifetime access for ‘Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode’ and get to create your favourite template without any hassle.


Alternative to SeedProd, Under Construction Page

About Elemets Kit

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is maintained, developed, supported and sold by WebFactory Ltd. They specialize in WordPress. Themes, plugins, custom projects, SaaSes – if it’s WordPress we’ve done it and we’re doing it. Since the summer of 2009, they made over a hundred plugins.

You can read more about them at

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Lifetime


$78/Lifetime $199