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Deskera Lifetime Deal

Deskera Lifetime Deal

With technological advancements, managing your business has literally become easier than it used to be. In recent cases of pandemic and lockdown, many firms have taken their online presence seriously and have enabled managing their business right from home. In such scenarios, it is important to have the best tool for your firm. Juggling between various tools for every process in a business is a tedious and time-consuming task.

Deal Details

Deskera is a platform that helps you in balancing all your processes in one software. 

What Deskera does:

  • Manages finance, HR, marketing, payroll, inventory, et cetera
  • Automate email campaigns, helpdesk, and a CRM for handling customer interaction
  • It is best suited for handling all operations from a single point

With Deskera, one could effortlessly get a real-time view of their business. You can view invoices, bank balance, tax, sales pipeline, contact report and receivables. With this platform you can manage not just one, but multiple businesses. 

Deskera makes it easier to,

  • Manage your CRM
  • Connect all your existing apps
  • Manage sales and support
  • Create and send invoices
  • Get electronic pay stubs
  • Let employees apply for leave
Deskera Lifetime Deal


Alternative to Vimeo and Animoto

About Deskara

Deskera is owned by AppSumo which was started by entrepreneur, Noah Kagan. Today they have helped in launching hundreds of start-ups and provided new and emerging entrepreneurs with cutting edge tools to grow their business.

You can read more about them at


Deskera Lifetime


$149/Lifetime $29/Month