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Elements Kit Lifetime Deal

Elements Kit Lifetime Deal

How easy is it when you can simply create a website from scratch without using any program coding? When that becomes the case, creating and designing websites would become a dream for many to realize. 

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ElementsKit helps you in creating any type of header and footer for your page. All you need to do is pick the type of menu, and be customized with your data. If you’ve got a kit full of brilliant ideas for a new website, ElementsKit is the tool for you. 

ElementsKit offers over 30 templates, and 600 ready-to-use widgets to get creative with. It gets as simple as just clicking on the template and adding it to your page. 

The tool offers a lot of art apart from a theme and sections. It also has multiple parallax effects. You can even add animations to your images using CSS. You can even design posts and images for your social media too. With multitude widgets, you can never get compromised on quality or optimization.

ElementsKit is a ready tool which takes less time than the traditional way or the WordPress way of creating a website. With an extensive number of templates and widgets, ElementsKit lets you create the website of your dreams.


Alternative to Jet Menu, Ultimate Addons, The Plus Addons and more

About Elemets Kit

ElementsKit established by Ataur, CEO of Wpmet  in 2018 and since then, they have been solely focusing on developing high quality WordPress plugins. They have also worked in the theme industry since 2013. They have designed numerous premium themes and released those on ThemeForest. 

Until now, over 300K+ people are using Wpmet products for designing websites and running businesses. Overall, Wpmet WordPress plugins and themes are really bringing value to anyone who is running a website.

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ElementsKit Lifetime


$49/Lifetime $87/Year