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Email List Validation Lifetime Deal

Email List Validation Lifetime Deal

If you are digital marketer or an agency or an business person who frequently send email to your customer and subscribers. The one thing that you need to be worried about is email deliverability / Sender Score due sending emails to wrong people or piling up bounce backs.

Then Email List Validation Lifetime deal is the perfect Email Cleaning tool for you.

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Verifying your email list before launching a campaign is the single most important action in email marketing.

All those hours spent on writing emails, designing templates mean nothing if your emails fail get delivered. Hard bounces and non-valid emails in your list kills your deliverability. Having just 1% bad emails in the list can reduce deliverability by 10%. In the worst-case scenario, you can get blacklisted permanently.

You’ll get a multi-level verification system to ensure the highest deliverability.

That means that you won’t get penalized (or blacklisted) by email providers for continuing to send messages to invalid addresses.

Plus, Email List Verification is GDPR-compliant and uses a powerful encryption to protect user data.

Email List Validation Lifetime Deal

You’ll also get real-time verification to stop bad emails before they get on your lists in the first place.

The real-time verification API lets you filter invalid emails right from the signup boxes.

Once it’s set up, it’ll prompt users to submit a valid email address, instead of letting bad ones slide. (“No more Mr. Nice Email.”)


Alternative for ZeroBounce and NeverBounce

About Email List Validation

Launched in 2009, Email List Validation verifies your email lists and gets rid of all the unwanted emails. Your email marketing investment will not be wasted on any undeliverable or unwanted emails. Also, you will be in ISPs’ good books. That means very little chance of your emails going to the spam folders.

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Email List Validation


$59/Lifetime $1099/per Year