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Get Secured Lifetime Deal

Get Secured Lifetime deal

There are few things more damaging to a business than losing control of its sensitive data. However, according to some recently published reports, it has become all too easy for attackers to gain access to sensitive information. In fact, one report suggested that almost 35% of businesses suffer a data breach each year.

One way for companies to help safeguard their employees and sensitive data is by using a managed scanning tool like GetSecured to find and eradicate vulnerabilities from their servers so as not to leave their systems vulnerable.

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Debug & Patch Your Digital Security in Minutes!

Security should be a top priority and considered necessary – it can be the difference between having a thriving and prosperous business or burning out due to the dangers posed by not taking your cybersecurity seriously enough. For example if you can’t even tell when your own team emails have potentially been breached or leaked and sensitive information like passwords are at risk, how would you know where to start in securing information from malicious intruders? As an organization, there is no better place to start in protecting data and keeping it safe than by having a data-leak prevention (DLP) strategy in place. That’s why security solutions like GetSecured are perfect for scanning your organization assets for vulnerabilities so that no attacker can exploit them for sensitive information.
Get Secured Lifetime Deal

Few of the features of get secured includes

  • Asset Exposure and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Compliance Analysis and Risk Scoring
  • Discover and monitor publicly exposed digital assets.
  • Comprehensive security scan for your web, cloud and API assets
  • Monitor dark web for breaches and take immediate actions.



Alternative for Webtitan, Apptrana, Acunetix

About Getsecured

Get Secured has been developed by DeTaSECURE. They are accomplished cyber security experts with altogether 50+ years of industry experience in various leadership roles in large companies like PwC, PayPal, Walmart, Thought works etc. taking care of cyber security practices and global delivery in various domains like finance, ecommerce, healthcare, insurance, gaming etc. You can read more about them at Detasecure

Get Secured Lifetime Deal


$245/Lifetime $199/per month