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marketmuse lifetime deal

Marketmuse Lifetime Deal

Every content creator’s pain is doing the research for your article. You google the top keywords of your article, visit the top results, study and craft your content for your article. After creating the article, you need to check the SEO keywords, use it in appropriate places to get your SEO check done.

To solve all this issue, Meet MarketMuse!

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Deal Details

With AI assisted in your content, you can reduce the time spent in writing. It will assist in choosing the right cover, number of words to be used and other key words to be mentioned in the content. All you need to give is a short detail of your content, the tool will draft a content based on it and various varieties of the same content. You can then download the content and if required can make the changes as required and publish it.

Once created, MarketMuse will show the success rate of the content created. A difficulty score will be generated and this determines the success rate of the content. Higher the difficulty rate, higher will be the success rate of the content. The difficulty score will be generated based on the contents already present in your website.

All this process works based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation, which analyses n number of websites, reconstruct the content and provide the final content of the keywords provided.

The content which MarketMuse creates is filled with such keywords which help in keeping the results always in the top of search engine. We can easily identify the gap of the content with competitor and try to fill in the gap.

Finally the score will give you the success rate of the article created. The time spent in creating the content is saved with MarketMuse. You can spend time in creating the next article.

Market Muse Lifetime


Clearscope, PageOptimizer Pro, and Surfer are the competitors for MarketMuse.

About MarketMuse

Based on Boston, the team consisted mainly of content and AI peoples. The mission for the company is “to help you create high-quality, high-ranking content”. As aligned with their mission, the company helps in curating the best content in the market.

You can read more about them at

MarketMuse Lifetime


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