Qubely-lifetime Deal

Upgrade your Gutenberg block editor with richly designed custom blocks


Thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs already trust Qubely to create their business websites. What’s stopping you to do the same?

Smart Layout Builder

Easily create any simple to complex layout with Qubely. Its row-column structure lets you take 1 to as many as 6 columns in a single row. Adjust the size of the columns and create your dream webpage layout in minutes.

Multiple Rows


There are multiple combinations of columns in a row. The combination varies on the number of columns and their sizes.

Adjustable Columns

Drag & resize the columns simply. Control spacing, add video, image, color, gradient or apply blend modes to the background.

Your Complete Lead Magnet Solution

Classic & Gradient Background Color

Setup block background with both classic and gradient colors. Apply different background options and pick any color from the given palette. Style your block with your preferred background color.

  • Pick classic/gradient and reset in one click
  • Define gradient angle and type easily    
  • Select the stop point in percentage
  • Custom Typography Control
  • Have full control over the typography of the blocks. Choose fonts, apply font weight, font transform, set font size, line height, letter spacing in px, em, and percentage on the basis of the devices.
  • Multiple font size unit options available
  • Individual and global typography settings
  • Apply all typography tweaking altogether

Hightime Deal does not own the copyright of the images. All copyright of images belongs to Qubley

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