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saleshub lifetime deal

Saleshub lifetime Deal

If you plan to collect the details of those who are interested in your products, services, special discounts, etc., and want to build beautiful relationships with them and close the deals faster than ever?

Then Saleshub is right for you.

Deal Details

Saleshub is an all-in-one Sales Automation platform. This tool will help to laser target your outreach and automate your LinkedIn connections.

With Saleshub, you connect with your website visitors in LinkedIn, even without register or subscribe to you…

With Saleshub, you can automate outreach based on simple Yes/No workflow

With Saleshub, you can find and verify the emails before you start cold outreach emails.

Top Features

Email Finder- Build an email list with your potential customer details; with advanced filtering, you can easily target your message to the right audience

Visitor tracking- You can easily connect with people who all are visiting your website or page; you can connect with visitors via LinkedIn and cold emails.

Workflow automation- Simple, customize and automated workflow in your website/every page for your relationship development in LinkedIn and “sequence builder” will helps to build a relationship with emails.

Sequences- customize your own strategy for your sales campaign such as daily email quota, number of contacts, adding an unsubscribe link, etc.

Unlimited Users- you can send emails to the ‘N’ number of email addresses. Also, you can invite your clients, peers, and set the limit of the number of contacts they can email to, from the unified dashboard.

Tasks-Easy task assigning; your sales team can know what they should be working on to close more leads along with due dates.

Scheduling & Analytics- you can schedule your plan on email campaigns. Ex. No. of emails sends out per day. Also with analytics, you can keep track of your campaigns; you can get how to improve your approach.

Integrations- There are 14+ integrations including Slack, Zapier, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc. & more are getting added.

Saleshub Lifetime deal lead generation


Alternative to Duxsoup,, Leadfeeder
Saleshub Lifetime deal dashboard


Saleshub was founded on 20 December 2014. It’s a prospecting tool defining the Innovation at the very core of its technology built to empower sales persons, recruiters and consultants all over the world. Our sales intelligence system provides verified emails and phone numbers with 80% of accuracy in social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, Viadeo, Github and many others are getting added at a fast pace.

They are integrated with Salesforce, Zapier, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, and nimble. Their clients are Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle, and many startup companies that are spread all over the world.

Saleshub Lifetime


$49/Lifetime $99/Month