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Sendfox lifetime deal

Sendfox lifetime Deal

One of the basic needs for any internet-based business is email. Communication with your audience is done by email and you need a tool for this application. Meet SendFox!

You can automatically send email to your subscribers, you can use this as a lead generation tool with built-in forms and a lot more integrations with other apps.

All you need to do is curate content based on your audience, design an email, and configure it. Emails will be delivered according to the triggers you set. If your list got a new subscriber? the flow will start automatically once the user on boards. Sendfox is one of the best tools for beginners in email marketing.

Sendfox was created for content creators, YouTubers, podcasters, etc, who send a lot more email to their subscribers. You can create, schedule the email and automate it in such a way that email will be sent even if you are offline. All you need to do is design an email campaign and set it to run. Sendfox will take care of your communication with your users.

As we said earlier, this tool is for beginners who are new to email marketing. So the user interface is very simple and elegant. Users can easily navigate the app. You can expect features as in some well-established tools like Mailchimp or SendGrid. This is one of drawbacks of this tool.

The email designers are easy and do their job. Just like typing in a word document, you can create a content curated email, insert images, buttons, and links to your landing pages. You can preview it according to the mobile or desktop variant. 

You can create a single email and send it to the list of contacts created. You will get important details like open, clicks, bounce rate, and unsubscribed.

One of the cool features which we loved the most is Sendfox’s custom landing page and lead capturing tool called Smart Pages. All you need to do is provide the Content, visualize your landing page (provide an image for your page), create a form, and hit save. You have successfully built a landing page for your campaign and set up a lead generation form. You can integrate this into your email campaign. This is the landing page we have created. Check it out.

Another cool feature that we found was automatic content for your smart landing pages and RSS feed. You need to provide your website address and all other social media presence. You will automatically get the email ready for you whenever you create a new blog post. Smart pages will get content based on your website content and links to social media will be added. You need to provide all the information in your account settings.
You can design an email campaign and set triggers such that the email will be sent based on the actions of the user. You can send a separate email to users who opened the first email you sent and for users who did not open the email.
If you needed you can try the tool for free.
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About Sendfox Parent Company

Sendfox was developed by Appsumo, the best site for lifetime deals on digital marketing tools. Appsumo developed this tool to solve its own problem for sending emails to its subscribers. 

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Sendfox Lifetime


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