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Sertifier lifetime deal

Sertifier Lifetime Deal

Are you a trainer or do your organization work on providing training and issue certificate to the participants? Then you will know the pain in designing a certificate and giving the certificate for all the participants. Let the list be ranging from 5 to 1000s, you need to design and provide the certificate.

To solve this issue, we got you a handy tool Sertifier!

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Deal Details

Just design a certificate and upload it. Issue badges to participants.

Just Mark the name field in the design and put all necessary fields to be auto populated. Sertifier got your back. Upload the list of participants in an excel workbook. Certificate is ready for all the participants.

If you don’t have a certificate design, you can choose from the templates from Sertifier. You can also track the details once you share to the users.

If the user shares the same in social media, you will be get notified in the console. All the things the user do in social media will be notified in Sertifier. Though you can’t see the post in action.

Users can add the certificate to their linked in profile. They can also download the PDF form of the certificate to their local system.


Alternative for Simple Cert, Accredible, CV Trust and more

About Sertifier

Arda, the Founder, and CEO of Sertifier, an International EduTech company. They have been hard at work for over a year, enabling everyone to create and send certificates and open badges! 

You can read more about them at

Sertifier Lifetime


$99/Lifetime $890/Year