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Short Pixel Lifetime Deal

Short Pixel Lifetime Deal

Do you want your website to load faster you need to optimize the server and then the images used in the website? If you are not aware, the faster the website loads, the more will be the page ranking in Google algorithm and SEO will be increased. This tool is all about optimizing the image and delivering the image through CDN thereby reducing the website load and increase the website opening rate. Read on more to get the details about the tool and the deal. Happy savings 

Deal Details

As a blogger, web developer, or product owner, we all need one common thing at the end and that is the website traffic. The main factor in determining the traffic is website loading speed. A slow-loading website will lead to lose of your customers and reduce traffic. Google page ranking will get reduced and this will lead to decreased SEO.

Do you know what is the main culprit in this scenario? That is the images you use in your website. Images bring more appeal to your blog content or if you own a product, the images give your customer a view and feel of the product you sell. And what worse is, if you do a photoshoot of your product use images in your blog from in a DSLR, the uncompressed image will range from 5 to 10MB approx. Think of a user will a weak internet connection and he/she opens your website. You might have got it what I’m coming to say. They will close your website and move on to the next.

To solve this, we brought a tool which will automatically take care of this pain point and optimize the image on your website.

Meet ShortPixel!

A lightweight image optimization tool, one of the best in this segment. You can compress your image up to 90%. That means a 1MB sized image will be optimized to a 100KB sized image which out losing the quality and details of the image. You can compress JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, or WebP image format used in your website.

ShortPixel has three types of optimization: lossy, Glossy, and Lossless. You might have guessed from the term what is meant by these. In Lossy optimization, you will get the image at the best optimized as possible. In Glossy, the optimization is reduced when compared with lossy and your page speed will get affected but the image quality will be compromised. Last but not the least, Lossless optimization offers the same pixel by pixel identical quality images with the size reduced a least.

You can try these three types of compression at this link for free.

If you own a WordPress website, then you can easily install the plugin and start using it. Currently, there are two types of plugins by ShortPixel are available.  The first is the ShortPixel image optimizer which optimizes images automatically according to the optimization type chosen. The next plugin is the ShortPixel adaptive image plugin which automatically detects the subject, focuses only the subject, and crops the unwanted area.

There is a monthly and one-time plan. There is a free plan in which you can optimize 100 images per month. If you choose a monthly plan you can optimize 5000 images at $4.99 dollar with the base plan. See on the right to find what all you can get in buying this deal.

So what are you waiting for? Get the deal.




ShortPixel is a Romania based SAAS company started in the year 2014. The main goal of the company is “to make your website faster by optimizing your images, thus improving its overall speed and bandwidth footprint”. As their goal fixed, the company serviced for more than 6 years and optimized around 1.8 billion images servicing more than 230K customers as of 2020. During July2014, during their initial days, they started as a API, where they made a processing queue management system to optimize the image. Later in November 2014, they made a plugin for WordPress and served the customers.

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Short Pixel Lifetime


$49/Lifetime $9.99/Month