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Swipe Pages Lifetime Deal

Swipe pages lifetime Deal

If you wanted a no-code, drag and drop tool for creating landing pages with lead capturing forms with dynamic text feature and additional payment gateway integration, Swipe pages is for you!

Deal Details

Landing pages are a separate website apart from your regular page which will be built with a specific goal according to the campaign you are running. The swipe page is used to create instant loading AMP landing pages. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which are served to users from Google’s Cache and thus provide an instant loading experience for the end-user. You have created an ad and a customer visits your landing page. All you need is the conversion.
Swipe pages have around 40 conversion-optimized templates built with the end-user in mind. If not satisfied with the built-in templates, Swipe Pages has25+ drag and drop module which can help you to design landing pages according to your needs. Each page will load within 2 secs and hence your bounce rate will be lower.
All the landing pages are hosted in the Swipe pages cloud, and each landing page are delivered through their CDN, so the pages can load faster to the users. With Swipe pages, landing page speed can’t make you lose your website visitors. You can connect your custom domain for publishing.
Apart from landing pages, you can createlead form for your lead generation. To make the user experience even better, Swipe pages lets you create a multi-step lead form withdynamic text feature so that you can divide the long form into a divided multi step form and use the data from the first step form. For example, in the first step, if you askname, you createpersonalized form with the name used in the question you created.
Capture the lead and send it to your CRM or other external apps. Swipe pages have direct integrations to connect with your other apps and they also provide Zapier for integration with 1000+ apps.
You can create multiple forms and do AB testing to find the best landing page using their built-in tracking and analytics

Swipe pages Competitors

Unbounce, Instapage, and lead page are the main competitors for Swipe Pages. All most all the tools offer similar features not the same though but similar. The main difference here is the price of the tool. Instapage base plan starts at 199 USD per month and Unbounce starts at 80 USD per month. You can get the Swipe page at 29 USD per month.
Don’t worry about the price because you will be getting the Marketer plan of Swipe Pages priced at 79 USD per month. In this deal, you will get at a starting price of 49 USD. Get this deal now.

About Swipe Pages Company

Swipe Pages was developed by Arrow Labs Pte Ltd based on Singapore. According to sgpbusiness, a business directory for companies registered in Singapore, Arrow Labs was incorporated on 10 Feb 2020.

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Swipe Pages Lifetime


$49/Lifetime $79/Month