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Wave Video lifetime deal

Wave Video Lifetime Deal

Do you want to create a video from the scratch without any video editing or tech knowledge? Are you searching for the video editing apps or resources? Do you want to upload single video on different platforms? Do you want to create a video with no own media files? All these happen in single platform. Surprised!!! 

Yes, this happens with

Deal Details is a video marketing platform which comes with online editing toolkit, cloud based video hosting, landing page builder, with n no of templates, royalty free pictures, music, short videos. It optimizes according to the platforms like all social media handles, blogs and websites. It provides ad free hosting.

This is a awesome creating  video platform like canva, where canva is used for images, is for video editing. It’s a drag and drop editor.

You can either create a video from scratch that is from selecting a template or edit to your own video clip or you can combine your own video clip with royalty free images/short videos.

It has a powerful editor with the features like add text, overlay to certain part of the video with a font library, colours, effects, images, background music, cut the video and more. You can add your logo even in its free version.

In this era, there is no time to read content, videos are the running trend. But to create a video, its an expensive work to produce. makes it easy for marketers. comes with video hosting. Through this feature, you can implant the video files directly to required platforms like landing pages, blog posts, or share directly via a link. You can set a password for your videos and can have the access control. has the feature of the landing page. Landing pages are nothing but web page in the regular format heading, description and call to action.

Video all depends on editing video scenes, split scene, add new video clips, making a scene shorter or longer, add transitions between scenes. has the features like editing video/image background, zoom in/out, video speed, colour filters, background colours, cropping, trim the video,  rotate, gifs and stickers, text on video, animated text effects, adding music, built-in voice, logo animation.

They come up with an exciting feature called social calendar with engaging content ideas, events, video templates, hashtags, useful tips to post daily in your social media handles. It comes with auto-resizing for 30+ video formats.

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Alternative to Vimeo and Animoto
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About Swipe Pages Company has offices in USA, Russia, Ukraine. They integrated with Google Drive, Hubspot, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Dropbox, Wistia, Vimeo, Create Videos. 

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Wave Video Lifetime


$59/Lifetime $50/Month